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Call for papers 2016

Arhivele Totalitarismului
Totalitarianism Archives 

Totalitarianism Archives („Arhivele Totalitarismului”) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism of the Romanian Academy.Totalitarianism Archives publishes original papers, conceptual framework, case studies, and book reviews on the topics of totalitarianism and totalitarian regimes in Romania, Europe and elsewhere. Totalitarianism Archives is indexed in CEEOL, EBSCO and Index Copernicus databases.
We are currently calling for papers for volumes no. 1-2 and 3-4 to be published in 2016. Senior scholars, researchers, PhD students and postdoctoral students are strongly encouraged to submit papers on one of the following topics: 

European right wing: Italian fascism, Nazism; Authoritarian regimes;
Stalin’s Great Terror; 
The Comintern and Communist Parties in Europe; 
International relations: Western Communist Parties and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; 
Political, economic, social, and cultural evolutions in the Soviet bloc after World War II; 
East-West relations during the Cold War; 
Opposition to totalitarianism: From resistance to dissent (types of opposition, ways of expressing alternative views: samizdat/tamizdat/magnitizdat, paralel cultures);
Human rights movements and the fall of communist regimes in East-Central Europe;

Ideology, propaganda, political parties and organizations: The totalitarian experience in the 20th century.
 The papers may be submitted in ENGLISH, FRENCH, and ROMANIAN. 

    The contributors are asked to send the FINAL DRAFTS (up to 20 standard pages) and a short narrative cv until May 1, 2016. 

    After the completion of the peer-review process the authors will be notified regarding the decision of publication.

    The proposals may be submitted at: 

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